Das Füllen der Schokokugel Das Verschließen der Schokokugel Händisches Abdecken Die Schokokugelrohlinge Finales Rollen in zartgrüner Schokolade

We would like to share with you the steps to handcrafting the original "Weizer Apfeltrüffel".

1. Honey, chocolate and cream are blended together with fine Apple Schnapps from Puch, a local village known for its apple production. This flavorful cream is now filled into small round and hollow chocolates.

2. Preparing to seal of the chocolate truffles

3. The small openings are closed with warm, liquid chocolate.

4. The chocolate needs time to dry.

5. To achieve the signature look, the chocolates are now each hand-rolled in fine, light-green chocolate.

The original "Weizer Apfeltrueffel" is produced daily to ensure the freshest product possible.

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