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The assortment of the "Schokothek" consists of a great variety of handmade chocolate-truffles, chocolates and chocolate products, which we sell in our confiserie and online.

Most of our truffle-creations are based on the inspiration of Heinz Schwindhackl. They are all manufactured/handcrafted in-house with a great dedication to quality. As of today, the collection of truffles consists of over 30 - from well-known flavors to extravagant creations like "Laerchen Schnapps" or "Safran".

You can pick and choose your favorites to create a personalized assortment. Or, for those who like surprises, we created "the collection" which contains a fine assortment of twelve different flavors.

In addition, we offer chocolates from international companies, which were selected because of their quality and other criteria such as organic manufacturing or quality ingredients.

We invite you to browse through all our products in person at our shop,
or simply order online.

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