"Weizer Apfeltrüffel"

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The Development of a Regional Specialty

The need and desire of customers for a regional specialty, led Heinz Schwindhackl to the creation of the Weizer Apfeltrueffel. Aside from the well-known Apfelstrudel, fresh apples and apple Schnapps, the region now has one more delicacy to represent Eastern Styria throughout the world.

It wasn’t all that easy to create such a delicacy - many brainstorming sessions went into the development of this remarkable product. Should it be in the form of a cake or rather a smaller chocolate? What will make it representative of the region? Which region-specific ingredients should be the base? Soon it was decided…the apple, the most dominate product of our region. The idea then came to mind to create some sort of apple "bonbon" while also incorporating the famous and delicious Apple Schnapps. But, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Different ingredients needed to be tested, as well as particular ratios, tastes and methods. Luckily, our customers volunteered to be our testers. The recipe was often revised and improved but finally - the original "Weizer Apfeltrueffel" was born.

Guarantee of Quality

Weizer Apfeltrüffeln The "Weizer Apfeltrueffel" is skillfully and thoughtfully handcrafted out of the highest quality ingredients directly from our region. Should there be any damage during the shipment process, please send the product back to us and we will resend you a replacement.

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